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Home for the Holidays

I think if you asked my close friends or perhaps my dear boyfriend about my work ethic, they’d say I’ve been quite the workaholic recently. That ranges from shows, auditions, project management - I’ve been drowning myself in work and bettering my career. This has pros and cons to it, as everything does. The pros are that I am getting shit done - things that I’ve wanted to get done for a long time. Living on a cruise ship for almost 8 months filled my head with all of the things I wanted to learn and accomplish, but couldn’t until I was finally back on land. Once I got my footing, my business thrived. The cons are that I’m not as present in my friendships and relationship as I could be/have been. Don’t get me wrong: I thrive on my loyalty and dedication to my friendships… Not to over compliment myself, but I am very good at prioritizing and being there for my friends when they need it. I’m the friend that will hop on a plane and be there the next morning if someone I cared about needed it (and you know I love a good excuse to travel). I’m still that way, but I work A LOT… my laptop might as well be my wallet. I never leave the house without it.

With all of this being said, I’M HOME! FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS!

Be no mistake… I’m literally sitting on my laptop right now on Christmas Eve before family traditions jumping between 4 different pages of projects, but there’s a new level of relaxation. I’m lucky to call Florida home. Specifically ORLANDO, FL. Home is the definition of a vacation. I’m also lucky to call New York City home. The city is the perfect rhythm for what I need to motivate my range of interests in life.

But everyone needs a break from the rush sometimes…even a workaholic like myself ;)

I feel like it is normal for performers to often turn into the “workaholic” types. That is because we have it wired in our brains to always be training, working, networking, etc. Not to mention, besides the lucky few, most of us are working survival jobs as well. So much of a performers job is not getting paid - classes, auditions, callbacks - so, having a full time marketing gig as my “survival job” is a lot more exhausting when I have an “unpaid” full-time job as an auditioning actor as well. If you get it, you get it…

Now - you know I’m not a gatekeeper when it comes to things that are bettering my life and wellness… These are a few things I like to do to destress and remove myself from my work, as a current workaholic actress:

  1. Take a walk/jog around the West Village or the neighborhood. Exercising is scientifically one of the greatest ways to decompress. Getting out of my house/work environment is crucial for me to get my head straight.

  2. Journaling: doing something that feeds your creative spirit. Writing has become one of my greatest wellness advocates. I’ve developed such a love for writing, because it is a creative side to me that doesn’t feel like business. My theatrical side of myself is definitely creative, but it has become my work and my business. Writing and videography have both turned into creative outlets for me that are freeing… and relieving! Try feeding your creative side in a way that is new to you.

  3. Go out to dinner/lunch with your friends. It can be really difficult to maintain outings with your friends in the adult world… don’t lost these connections: prioritize going out with your friends! There is nothing more refreshing than having fun with the people you love outside of the house.

  4. Take a warm bath. I’m a bathing girly… the smallest inconvenience calls for a bubble bath and a glass of wine. Just trust me on this one.

  5. Begin meditating. I’ve practiced yoga on and off for most of my young life. I would take classes here and there, but it didn’t begin transforming my life until I began consistently attending yoga meditations and honing in my practice full-time.

I’m not going to lie… actively inserting these activities into my day-to-day life has been really challenging. I often overlook or “forget” to give myself a break every day, but I feel all the difference in the world when I do. In the fast-paced world of performance, the art of giving oneself mental breaks is not just a luxury but a necessity. Just as every instrument needs rest to produce beautiful music, actors across diverse jobs, stages and auditions require moments of rest to craft their best work and art. Embracing these pauses not only rejuvenates the mind but also fuels creativity, passion, and ultimately, the breathtaking performances that captivate audiences worldwide. So, let's tune into the rhythm of self-care, allowing these essential breaks to harmonize our minds and elevate our vocations.

After all, it is the ultimate gift we can give ourselves as we return home for the holidays.

Happy new year, babes xo


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